What Change With Android 4.4 KikKat Full List

1.Screen Recording
2.Tap to Pay {Google Wallet for everyone}
3.NFC emulation for non nfc devices
4.14% less memory usage
5.Minimum Ram required is 512mb
6.chrome, youtube takes 12%less memory
7.cloud printing from Gallery {Print your photos directly to ur home Printer}
8.Webview is Now Chromium
9.Google Home is the new Launcher
10.New ‘Google Home’ works only with Google Search app installed

11.Core System Processes Trimmed
12.Apps are efficient and responsive on all devices
13.The all new ‘procstats tool details’ memory use
14.Payments without needing Secure Elements
15.Printer manufacturers can use new APIs to develop their own print services
16.A new storage access framework allows browse all document storage providers.
17.ART runtime compile support along with dalvik VM {faster runtime}
18.Dalvik JIT code cache tuning, kernel samepage merging (KSM), swap to zRAM
19.Use less heap,Aggressively protect system memory from apps
20.When multiple services start at once —Android now launches the services serially
21.hardware sensor batching
22.Step Detector and Step Counter
23.shared SMS provider and new APIs
24.Full-screen Immersive mode
25.Transitions framework for animating scenes {animate changes to your UI on the fly}
26.Translucent system UI styling
27.Enhanced notification access
28.seamless change in resolution during media playback
29.Common Encryption for protected content
30.HTTP Live Streaming
31.Audio Tunneling to DSP dramatically improve battery life
32.Nexus 5 offers a total off-network audio playback time of up to 60 hours
33.Audio monitoring peak and RMS levels of any currently playing audio
34.Loudness enhancer increase the loudness of spoken content
35.Audio timestamps for improved AV sync
36.Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast
37.RenderScript Compute improves Ongoing performance
38.RenderScript in the Android NDK
39.GPU acceleration for any apps using render script
40.GLES2.0 SurfaceFlinger
41.New HWComposer 1.3 support for virtual displays
42.Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP) support
43.Bluetooth MAP support
44.built-in IR blasters, along with a new API and system service
46.Wi-Fi TDLS support seamless way to stream media in same wifi network
47.System-wide settings for closed captioning { appscan show captions}
48.SELinux (enforcing mode)
49.Improved cryptographic algorithms ECDSA
50.Designed to run fast, smooth, and responsively on a much broader range of devices than ever before
51.Phone dialer got local business detection
52.Smart caller ID
53.SMS support for Hangout
54.Emoji support on Google keyboard
55.Redigned Quickoffice
56.100gb Google drive Storage Coming soon
57.Updated Google Apps
58.Faster smoother,brilliant google voice search
59.swipe left for Google now on Google Home
60.Full Screen AlbumArt on lockscreen

JSS15J (4.3_r2.1) to KRT16M (4.4_r1) AOSP changelog
This only includes the Android Open Source Project changes and does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. The raw log was generated using a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Note: KitKat contains a lot of new projects from the Chromium Project to support WebView. Due to the size of the history of these (~14,000 changes) they have been separated out. If you want to see their history please click here.

Project: platform/abi/cpp
de96c64 : Remove the need to copy & paste boilerplate.
Project: platform/art
31b9d66 : Hold proxy classes live in class linker.
ce88853 : Have JNI FindClass fall back to system ClassLoader Bug: 10994325
3a22361 : Validate ELF file segment lengths against file length when loading
8e3fb14 : Revert “Add Jack modifier.”
d320a9a : Fix generate-operator-out.py’s copyright header.
a6b22c5 : Verifier allows arguments of integral types to be interchangeable.
756ee4e : Find OatDexFile by DexFile name and checksum, not just checksum
eeb9888 : Use ElfFile instead of dlopen for Quick
7c3d13a : Use file magic to determine file type, not file extension.
6f27775 : Make oatdump support image file generated on device
b00309f : Fix OatFile leak causing dlopen to return stale OatFile contents
eb1efc4 : MIPS fix.
deb4370 : Fix handling of unresolved references in verifier.
abcf7ae : Fix overly restrictive assert
cb5f5e5 : Make sure CompilerDriver actually resolves types
ee39a10 : Use class def index from java.lang.Class.
c11d9b8 : Re-enable concurrent system weak sweeping.
caacdf3 : Fix dumpsys meminfo for art
72fcca2 : Reconcile differences between zip implementations
0f72e41 : Improve heap verification.
9e452d1 : Fix system weak sweeping race.
b4ea4de : Fix soft reference clearing issue.
52cd1e8 : Allow traversal into /storage paths.
c462198 : Fix race in root marking.
5666afd : Timely color fix
4858e1d : Make inlined CAS32 loop until store is successful if values match.
31fb301 : Revert “Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don’t match.”
6fc9251 : Make inlined CAS32 loop until store is successful if values match.
95848d0 : Revert “Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don’t match.”
3a08315 : Fix CAS intrinsic to clear exclusive if values don’t match.
b8c46fc : Remove OBB bind mounts, now provided by FUSE.
3e47a74 : Remove dependency on JNIHelp header side effects.
08f2e7b : Disable lock contention logging by default.
3b7ffa1 : Support apps that pass JNI_VERSION_1_1 to GetEnv.
0a02d12 : Revert “Revert “Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)””
2e450bf : Revert “Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)”
dd3c27e : Fix verifier upcasting type after instance_of.
8438ed3 : Remove bogus fastpath from String::Equals(const StringPiece&)
51db7be : Use exit to avoid destructors in dex2oat.
3f96670 : Add more systrace logging to GC.
5f67532 : Fix image_test for SMALL_ART
a468405 : [build fix] Remove redundant complexity from JNI aborts.
193bad9 : Multi threaded hashed deduplication during compilation.
03db4bf : Fix ImageHeader.IsValid
68708f5 : Fix image_test on target
179486a : Fix ImageHeader.IsValid
3232709 : Fix oatdump to take bitmap bytes into its accounting.
479b494 : Change IsMethodTracingActive to GetMethodTracingMode for art.
70814f7 : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
31e8925 : Write out image bitmap inside of image file.
d76e083 : Make files writable on the installd path as well
920af3e : Fix thread status in THST chunk to use JDWP thread state.
e0948e1 : Make DexFiles opened from files readonly by default, but writable during dex2oat
a7d56cf : Revert “Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.”
4bf1c8d : Update blacklist for klp-dev
a404db0 : Add test-art-oat-<test> test-art-run-test-<test> variants
f30f6da : Set small ART override for image as an option.
eaeab46 : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
a436fde : Handle OOMEs in class linker with grace.
637859c : Make entrypoints Thumb2.
958291c : Fix build.
3f3d22c : Reduce the scope of a ScopedObjectAccess in dex2oat.
ba311b4 : Fix mark stack expand race.
cf2fb8e : Add art support for sample profiling from traceview gui.
11b63d1 : Quick compiler: division by literal fix
c6dfdac : Add buffering to ELF file generation
23009dc : Add art support for sample profiling from traceview gui.
f6c4b3b : New arena memory allocator.
e2be9da : Fix typo in elf writer.
4b8c13e : Fix sort order to make register promotion stable
0b3eb39 : Use atomic integer for compiler driver work balancing.
89502fc : A char array copy optimization.
7dfb28c : Don’t scan image space when starting runtime.
2553250 : Update art/tests/089-many-methods.
ec0cf9b : Revert “Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.”
b8a874c : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
42b3240 : Update black list with Landroid/webkit/WebViewFactory;
8fcaca5 : Allow NULL JNI arguments for length 0 memcpys.
677ffa4 : Don’t skip compilation for portable builds.
6d3f72c : Use Class::IsVerified to confirm status, not MethodVerifier::FailureKind
7971363 : Make jni_internal_test less spammy.
4ffdc6b : Allow NULL JNI arguments for length 0 memcpys.
8f3c9ae : Don’t allow class status to go backward except for error.
2775ee4 : Add more runtime options.
fe9ca40 : Compiler filter update
d3633d5 : Add some extra DCHECKS for debugging artQuickProxyInvokeHandler
b8a0b94 : Switch JNI globals lock to reader-writer.
aa836f7 : Fix PushLocalFrame(0).
379e2f5 : Clean up unnecessary files after build-only. Bug: 9482191
4aa48fc : Enable contention logging by default.
be7149f : Avoid throwing NoClassDefFoundError at compile time.
4639860 : dex2oat flag to always dump timing data.
e6bb3b2 : Reduce AOT initialization.
984c183 : Fix typo of quick instead of portable
b7767e8 : Revert “Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.”
f96b217 : Tolerate both old and new java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
6a94caa : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
9329e6d : More suspend check repair.
abd7be9 : Prevent segvs in JNI.
e53225c : Print information about large objects freed and AllocSpace objects.
a95ba83 : Change default sampling interval to 1000 samples/sec.
c1ff4b7 : Sampling profiler reads clocks once for all events in a trace.
958aba1 : Build fix.
720ef76 : Fix non concurrent GC ergonomics.
6553049 : Build fix.
cbcfaf3 : Fix suspend check optimization
5ce4b17 : Clean up sampling tracing.
94c32c5 : More parallel GC, rewritten parallel mark stack processing.
8ef94c6 : Build fix.
0e480ca : Move output_stream files out of runtime.
90af14d : Get SEA fibonacci running in interpreter mode.
02e2511 : Fix up TODO: c++0x, update cpplint.
ba041a5 : Log long GC pause only when the process cares about pause time
d822da0 : Fix portable sign/zero extension from JNI.
97fbbef : Fix some x86 portable asm.
57dac6e : Fix sampling profiler to use thread’s cpu clock.
bd136a2 : Get PORTABLE + SMALL on x86.
8d11af5 : Switch GCC -O flags, O3 non-debug, 01 debug.
414af10 : Add flock(2)ing on dex-cache files to prevent races
bc93966 : Prevent segvs in JNI.
7571e8b : Add flock(2)ing on dex-cache files to prevent races
2e250c8 : Revert “Always enable lock level checks.”
8718359 : Add -XX:+DisableExplicitGC option for Art
be6810d : Revert “Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.”
6e6819f : Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.
0f40ac3 : Fix races in small mode compiler filters setup
97a03e3 : Fix small art build.
1a4d6d8 : If CheckJNI is enabled don’t allow app workarounds
e2f77e7 : Build fix.
75a43f1 : Clean up logcat spam from compiler and verifier
0abc72e : Modify traceview to sample instead of instrumenting methods.
ea46f95 : Refactor java.lang.reflect implementation
b22a451 : Avoid a long alloc space lock contention during sticky GC sweep.
9b3c3cd : C++11 support for ART.
b373308 : Add a systrace support for lock contention logging.
67f9941 : Yet more timing logger cleanup
08bf196 : Work on SMALL_ART and PORTABLE working at the same time.
73a7907 : Revert “Update ART for LLVM merge up to r187914.”
155ecba : Fix SMALL_ART

For full list download Kiktkat Changelog TXT. (Kiktkat Changlog – 1.95 MB)

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